Sacramento Vegetable Gardening is the sometimes insane and rarely reliable garden ramblings of Bill Bird -- who draws most of his inspiration and happiness in life from the wife that is Venus. The two live in a quiet, cookie-cutter subdivision out near the Sacramento Airport, where they have transformed a quarter-acre dirt lot into a science lab for all things vegetable and fruit production. This is what Sacramento Vegetable Gardening focuses on, unless Bill decides he wants to ramble on insanely about some other topic, which he often does.
It takes the wife that is Venus to pull him back to reality and focus on the wonders of heirloom tomatoes, garden fresh peppers and the reason why each summer garden must contain at least six varieties of basil.
Sacramento Vegetable Gardening is an advertising-free, non-commercial blog that will stay that way for the near future. Please feel free to drop Bill an email at billbird@gmail.com. Venus responds to her fans at venuss40@yahoo.com.