DEATH to all Spammers!

Friday, December 11, 2009


I give up! The Spammers Win! The readers of the sometimes wild and sometimes wacky -- but always boring -- Sacramento Vegetable Gardening -- LOSE.

I'm sorry boys and girls -- but spambots have discovered the blog and are laying waste to the comments section. I'm tired of constantly deleting spam or spambot postings in the comments section -- and it's becoming more frequent now.

So -- I've taken a step that I've resisted up until this point. All comments left at the bottom of the page will require word verification now. Yup -- you have to prove that you're real now -- and not just some "bot."

The blog will still allow for comments left by readers who wish to remain anonymous. But if the Spambots get past the word verification step -- I may have to again reset comment posting to readers with user ID's only. That means no more anonymous postings allowed.

Sorry kids. There's just no room for Viagra ads on Sacramento Vegetable Gardening -- although I do wonder what it might do for my heirloom tomatoes.

On second thought -- no I don't.


Brown Thumb Mama said...

No worries, friend. I can easily fill in the security word (which is "sappet" this time--quite amusing). A pox on the spammers!

Roya Rose said...

Bustsha is mine.
I'm happy to fill out a captcha in order to read and comment on your blog.

Bill Bird said...

You're right -- your comments about your service aren't necessarily spam -- but I have to delete it otherwise because it violates another set of rules.

In this case -- I didn't set those rules. The California State Senate did. And by leaving your comment up on the blog -- it implies that I am not only supporting your organization (Local Harvest) and possibly profiting from it. That is a no-no in the eyes of the State Senate. I didn't make the rule. But I must abide by the rule. No outside income from writing, period.

That's why I cannot and will not endorse products, places to shop, etc. I can put down my experiences with places I have shopped (ya'll know my love for Home Depot) -- but that's as far as it can go.

So -- don't take it personally Anonymous -- but "comment deleted."