"What the Hell is That" Wednesday

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My friends -- in honor of the many bloggers in cyberspace who bring you the weekly feature of "Wordless Wednesday" -- I bring you the random feature of "What the Hell is That," Wednesday.

I promise it will not be a regular feature because -- hey -- I have enough trouble getting to work on time. I don't "do" schedules. In fact, I don't do them well at all.

So -- for now -- I present to you a photo of something VERY strange from the Bird Back 40 in North Natomas. Can you guess what it might be? Would you like a hint? Too bad!

The badly taken photo above is a:

1. A backyard irrigation project gone terribly wrong.
2. A backyard irrigation project that looked pretty darn good after six margaritas.
3. Tinker Toys for Adult Children.
4. Waterslide Park for Voles.
5. Why do I continue to ignore Farmer Fred Hoffman's good advice?
6. A badly taken photo with a cheap Fuji Fun Pix for Kindergarteners Camera.
7. I still haven't cleaned up from the 2009 Heirloom Tomato Season.

If you have the answer and want to win valuable prizes -- I'm sorry to inform you that I have nothing of value -- other than a well-used and abused Fuji Fun Pix for Kindergarteners Camera.

However -- if you still want to take a shot at answering what this monstroscity is -- feel free to leave comments. What do you have to lose?

Other than your self-respect, of course.


Roya Rose said...

I call 7

Joe the Farmer said...

It is the amazing pvc tomato cages... I have the same shambles in my backyard right now. I actually got the idea from your blog last year. I had to STOP my tomato plants from growing past 8' because I could not reach that high to maintain.

The Vintage Vignette said...

C'mon Bill! Everybody knows thats a bare root PVC tree...as if! :)

Fred Hoffman said...

Five. It always has been and always will be...five.

Bill Bird said...

It actually could be a collection of 1-7.

But -- in actuality -- #7 and #5 are probably the most accurate answers.

Oh! The first daffodils are out!

Katie said...

Darnit! I was going to say 7 closely followed by 5, but I am late to the party as usual.