Hot Summer Nights

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm not entirely sure of course -- but I do believe that's what my tomato plants in the backyard are dreaming of tonight. Perhaps I should go out and ask them. They're not too happy with the downpour of rain we got YET AGAIN today.

Not that I noticed.


One of the favorite songs of my youth is Suavecito by Malo. Forgive me for going off topic here -- but this posting has absolutely nothing to do with gardening.

But it does deal with my favorite time of the year.

I was happy to read in today's Sacramento Bee that Malo is not only performing again -- but will make an appearance at Cesar Chavez Plaza this Saturday, May 22nd, at an event called "Jammin in the Park."

Venus and I don't make concerts much anymore -- but this is one I'll gladly take in.

It's a reminder of my youth. It's a reminder of a difficult childhood while growing up in Modesto. It's a reminder to me that even during one of the most difficult periods of my life -- this song could take me to a different and happier place.

To me -- this song represents a warm summer night lit with bright lights and glowing stars. It represents a childhood crush with a schoolgirl I've long since forgotten. It's a song of warmth. It's a song of happiness. It's a reminder that better days are to come (and they did).

The Sacramento Bee report from Carlos Alcala calls Malo (and other bands like Santana) part of the great "Latin Rock" movement. Perhaps it is -- but I get uncomfortable with attempts to qualify "Suavecito" as just a great "Latin rock" song. I get uncomfortable with attempts to qualify Malo or Santana as great "Latin rock" bands. Yes they are, but...

How about printing the real truth?

Suavecito is just a great song -- period. Malo is just a great band -- period. Carlos Santana isn't just a "great Latin guitarist," he's just great period. He's one of the most accomplished musicians of his era. I'm still playing the grooves off my "Supernatural" CD -- eleven years after it was released.

We don't call U2 that "great Irish rock band" do we?

Certainly -- there is no doubt that bands like Malo -- Santana -- War and others tapped into that traditional Latin sound and brought it into the mainstream of mass audience rock n' roll. They are to be commended for that. They are a source of pride in the Latino community and that should never be forgotten.

But -- to me? Suavecito is just good music -- period. It's that dreamy warm summer night lit with bright stars. It's that schoolgirl who I've long since forgotten. It's that one classic that even to this day -- brings tears to my eyes.

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Garry said...

grooves on a cd? :) i have similar experiences where a song or a scent can jump me back 30 years to times long gone and aforgotten memory made fresh again.