THEY.....Are Not Amused....

Monday, July 19, 2010

THEY...As in THEM... That crowd of kitties on the bed to your right? They are -- in more than one word -- none too pleased with Bill and Venus Bird of North Natomas at the moment.

Why? Did I forget to clean the catbox? Uh, no. Forgot the nightly serving of Friskies' Beefy Bits N' Sauce for dinner? Although that would elicit mild outrage -- the answer is again no.

Adopt a new dog without their knowledge and consent? Spring said dog on them after Bill & Venus have been away on a four-day trip? Step inside THEIR home with said doggy and announce: SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE?

Ummm, yeah, that just might be it.

I suppose an explanation is in order here. Unfortunately -- those who need to hear it the most really aren't interested in the slightest. They only know one thing: A dog has taken a whiz in their bowl of Cheerios -- and folks -- the gardening cats are none too happy.

I say "gardening cats" because they like to dig up and amend our gardening beds -- but that's a disgusting story for another day.

May I introduce to you: Bandana Tenaya Bird -- AKA -- "Bandi." She's the newest pup to join the Bird Family garden and is probably gnawing away at the last watermelon I have on the vine at the moment -- before moving onto that tasty patch of (still green) Brandywine Tomatoes.

Dear Lord...

Venus and I *adopted* Bandi this past weekend after attending a family event in Ashland, Oregon. The event was somewhat somber as we said our final goodbyes to a long-time gardener in the family. But it also served as a mini-family reunion -- which was held at the Flying L Ranch -- a working horse-ranch near Ashland, OR.

Keep in mind -- the wife and I did not visit Oregon to adopt a dog. In fact -- I can honestly confess to you that adopting a dog was the last thing on either of our minds.

Until we saw and met Bandana for the very first time. It was at that point -- I believe -- where both of our hearts melted simultaneously. Why is she named "Bandana?" Because she was -- and still is -- wearing one, silly! Bandi was one of many dogs at the ranch in question. But rather than occupy herself with horses or other ranch work like the other ranch dogs -- she played ball and chased sticks to the squeals of delight of the nieces and nephews in attendance.

Bandi is a six or seven month old purebred MUTT of a dog that absolutely loves everything to do with children. She'll also make fast friends with you if you happen to *accidentally* let a piece of barbequed chicken fall from your plate to the grass below -- but that's another story.

Short and sweet: Bandi captured our attention and our hearts all at the same time. She wanted nothing to do with those dusty old horses in the corral or out in the pasture. But -- give that tennis ball a good long toss -- and she was your best friend. When it came to romping around on the acre of front yard lawn -- throwing water balloons or just tossing a football around -- there was Bandi.

Parting with her was not easy for Bandi's owner. Tenaya Yager had raised this loving girl from a pup. But she also knew that a working horse ranch was no place for a dog like this -- adding that Bandi had nearly been trampled by horses on several occassions. Bottom line? She wasn't raised to to work at a horse ranch.

Fighting back her tears -- Tenaya did what she thought best for her Bandi and allowed us to take her home -- where she will be well trained to "horse around" with four of the brattiest cats known to mankind. Thus the name: Bandana Tenaya Bird.

Now -- the $64 question is this: Will we have any garden left in the coming summer months?

Welcome home, Bandi...