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Monday, January 18, 2010

I don't know who's more frustrated. Me, the wife, or the cats. We're all stuck inside at the moment -- all of us ready to climb the nearest wall (the cats are best equipped for this). We've got projects that need to get done! We've got a free day to garden to our heart's content!

Yet -- what are we faced with? Lake Bird. Actually? Several Lake Birds that are growing at a rather eye-popping and exponential rate. We've got a doozy of a rainstorm falling at the moment -- and as the photo to your right will attest -- this is no time to be outside.

That's the frustrating part of it all. I have the time! There are projects that need to be done! Beds that can be cleaned out! Beds that can be prepared for Spring! Seeds to plant. Lettuce here. Lettuce there. Radishes everywhere.

But, "Drip, Drip, Drip" goes the weatherman.

Listen -- I know -- that in the long run -- this soaking rain is good for every single gardener in California -- from the extreme North to the extreme South. And I also know -- deep down -- that we need more than just a day of constant rain. If the weather reports are correct -- and I hope that they are -- we'll see a solid week of non-stop rain and non-stop snow.

I know, I know: we need this in the worst way.

But at the same time? How is my new Improved Meyer Lemon going to grow if I can't get outside to actually plant the thing? It's been sitting there -- in the rain and wind -- for a solid week. But the spot that I have picked out for it? Well -- at last check -- it was under an inch of rain. Mebbe two. I'm not really sure. The rain is falling so fast now that it's kind of overwhelming the drainage system in our yard.

Still? I'd much rather be outside to be honest with all of you. I'd much rather be dealing with a warm spring day. I'd rather be trenching -- which should prove to you just how insane I've become over the years.

So -- I suppose I could go through and reorganize the shoebox that serves as our "unofficial" seed library. But -- I've already done that. Clean and organize the gardening tools? Done. Order more seeds? I have ten packets of carrot seeds. Do I really need another? Set up the indoor greenhouse? A little early for that. We won't be starting tomato and pepper seeds until the weekend after the Super Bowl.

So -- instead -- I'll sit with the cats at the sliding glass door and adopt the same forlorn look they have and wish for a better day. Mother Nature has claimed this day as her very own -- and may keep claiming days through the better part of next week.

For now -- I can only look at the raised beds across the yard that contain our onion and garlic plantings. For now? I can only look at the barren fruit trees that really need a haircut trim -- but I dare not try anything. For now? I can only look at the leaves that I never got around to raking up from around the rosebushes.

The cats meanwhile -- are sharpening those claws. Let the wall-climbing exercise commence.

A Gardener's Lament.


KLW said...

This is a great time to understand the drainage and slope of your yard. When we first moved here (Auburn) I planted a flower bed in what turned out to be the shallowest point in the yard. First time we had a big storm move thru, my flowerbed turned into a lake, and it stayed a lake for weeks. The plants that did survive we moved the following spring.

Daffodil Planter said...

French drains. If those words don't scare you into staying indoors, I don't know what will.